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Luminous IGSTJ18000

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Brand : Luminous InverGel
Model Number : IGSTJ18000
Capacity : 150 Ah
Warranty : 48 Month’s
Type : Short Tubular

Warranty : 36 Month’s Free of Cost + 12 Month’s Pro-rata

Exchange Battery should be same Capacity (AH)

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Product Description

Luminous IGSTJ18000 Short Tubular Battery 

● Fit it & forget it – LUMINOUS GEL battery with latest technology
● Best-in-class Ampere-hour and Watt-hour efficiencies – Ultimate comfort during power cuts
● Fully tested at DSIR approved dedicated battery design lab – Complete safety during service life
● Gel guarantees up to 20% more power
● Maintenance free
● Requires no water top-up
● Zero spillage risk
● Environment friendly, emits no fumes
● Ultra Strong Stranded PPCP handle – Pull, Lift or Slide: Any Angle, Any Direction, Safety Ensured

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