Luminous SC18060

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Brand : Luminous Shakti Charge
Model Number : SC18060
Capacity : 150 Ah
Warranty : 60 Month’s
Type : Tall Tubular

Warranty : 36 Month’s Free of Cost + 24 Month’s Pro-rata

Exchange Battery should be same Capacity (AH)

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Product Description

Luminous SC18060 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

● Smartest battery option from LUMINOUS product portfolio – long lasting battery with super strong electrical performance
● 99.99% pure lead – long battery life (can hold charge for long time when not in use)
● Provided with Microporous ceramic disc fitted float indicators – Ultimate safety for environment
● Toughest poly-ethylene separator – long life, ultimate electrical performance
● Double sided pasted ultra-strong plates – long life, superior performance
● Cleanest Acid, Longest life, Superior performance

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